Wednesday, September 10, 2008

IKC Administrator's conference in Cairns

This week at Cairns at the IKC administrator's conference has been a very useful time. I have enjoyed meeting other administrators and hearing their stories.
The training that we have received has been relevant, practical and inspirational. I have new ideas that I will follow up on, and understand more about the role of IKC administrator.

I hope the opportunity to put this into practise continues on.

Cherbourg IKC

Cherbourg community has its own school with about 200 students. All of these children come to the IKC. There are some 3000 people in the community. There are many agencies in the community. There is aged care, after school care, a TAFE college, community essential services, and a new boomerang making business.
Hello Tenaio,
I hope you make a fabulous newsletter and send me a copy

Cherbourg Indigenous Knowledge Centre

I have really appreciated this conference and meeting new colleagues. I hope to see you again next time around. Marilyn@Cherbourg